High Holiday Message

Dear Congregation Yemei Teshuvah Family and Friends,

We all wanted to celebrate these important High Holy Days together this year. We also wanted to ensure that we are fulfilling the mitzvah of pikuach nefesh, the safeguarding of life. We want to be safe and healthy AND be spiritually challenged and nourished this year. We want to live our values as a kehilah kedoshah, a sacred community.

This required a balancing act of our values, all of which are important. 

That, in fact, is the main purpose of the High Holy Days each and every year. Every High Holy Day season asks us to examine our current situation, the life we have lived in the past year, and compare it to the life we ultimately want to be living in fulfillment of our values. It’s an imperfect balancing act, but we try, each year, to determine the best way forward in our lives.

Taking all of these competing sensibilities into account, for now we will not be able to gather in person for High Holy Day worship. Nevertheless, we will be united in spirit as we look forward to a brighter and safer year ahead. I am hopeful that we will welcome the following new year side by side, even as we now make alternate plans to greet this coming new year of 5782. We will be sending you information on how you may participate in streaming services this year. I hope that you will find fulfillment in the music, the words, the teachings and the traditions.

Please know that I am available to you during the year should you need me. I remain committed to our mission to bring the beauty of the Holy Days to Boca West.

With that hope and prayer, my family and I wish you and yours a New Year full of blessings. May The Holy One grant you health, joy and fulfillment. May 5782 usher in a time of peace and safety in your homes, peace in your hearts and peace and safety in our world.

L’shana Tova Tikateivu,

Cantor Ellen Stettner